A Comprehensive Guide to Different Styles of Vellum Invitations

Your wedding day deserves an exceptional introduction, and at Stylishwedd, we believe it starts with the perfect invitation. Join us as we delve into the exquisite world of our vellum wedding invitations, showcasing the variety of styles and detail-oriented printing techniques.


Flat Vellum Invitations

Modern flat vellum invitation enhanced with foil printing.

Flat invitations extend an elegant canvas for your words and the beauty of sulfuric acid etching. Further enhance your announcements with various printing methods such as digital, foil, or UV printing for an extra touch of sophistication.

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Double Layer Vellum Invitations

A beautifully crafted double-layer vellum invitation, held together with a soft ribbon.

Double-layered invitations provide a delightful visual hierarchy. Hold the layers together with a rivet or a tastefully chosen ribbon, adding an element of textural contrast to your invite.

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Vellum Wrap

A vellum sleeve, impressively printed with foil methods and embellished with a custom wax seal.

Pack a surprise with vellum wrapped invites. Choose to keep them sleek and blank or elevate them with digital, foil, or UV printing. Decorate further with exquisite embellishments like wax seals, gold strings, or ribbons for added grandeur.

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Vellum Belly Bands

A wedding invitation suite, neatly secured with a foiled printed vellum belly band.

Give your guests a sneak peak into your invite suite with a beautifully designed vellum belly band. They can be left blank for minimalist appeal, or accentuated with a digital, foil, or UV print to match your main invitation design.

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Vellum Envelopes

The grand finale, a vellum envelope encapsulating all the beautiful wedding details.

Let the envelope be the showstopper. With vellum envelopes, your guests will revel in the anticipation of the elegance waiting inside.


Stylishwedd ensures that every detail from your wedding invitation reflects your personal style. From design to the printing method, from layers to embellishments, our Vellum wedding invitations offer a seamless blend of charm and sophistication– a memorable keepsake of your special day.

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