How to Add Vellum to Your Wedding Invitations

We all know vellum has been a big trend for wedding stationery since 2019. Stylish Wedd, as a big fan of vellum, is dedicated to creating so many pretty and elegant wedding invitations with this translucent paper, which is frosted and cloudy, but would not conceal the nice look of your invites. We’ve rounded up 4 great ideas on how to add vellum to your wedding invites. Also, a few new and trending designs from Stylish Wedd for you to pick up.

1. Jacket to Protect All Cards

The great thing about vellum details is that it never conceals the beauty of your actual invites. Having flat invites you can sometimes feel like they aren’t enough on their own. So adding a vellum jacket with a wax seal or like these a ribbon or belly band inside adds the perfect way to entice your guests into your stunning invitation. There are two types of vellum wrap we recommend:

  • Printed vellum wrap

botanical olive leaf wedding invitations with matching vellum paper wrap SWPI078

elegant greenery monogram vellum wedding invitation with wax seal SWPI102

  • Plain vellum wrap


by Stylish Wedd

2. Belly Bands to Hold All the Details

Belly bands are most commonly used to wrap around all the cards in your invitation suite to keep them together inside the envelope. And they are a great alternative to ribbon or string. They can be printed with matching design elements, monograms, or left blank and simply be colored paper. You can even get creative and have them foil-stamped with your names and wedding date to make your guests keep in mind the most important information.


by CottonWillowDesignPS

elegant greenery wedding invitations with vellum belly band SWPI109

vintage monogram gold foil wedding invitations SWFI016

3. Can’t Wait to See the Underneath

Vellum overlays have been increasing in demand for 2021. They are extremely versatile and add creativity to any wedding invitation. The vellum/translucent overlay wedding invitation can hold the details of your event while showcasing a beautiful picture or floral underneath.

by  Ash Bush

modern custom photo wedding invitation with foil on vellum layer SWVL001

romantic pink floral layered wedding invitations SWPI075

4. Just Vellum, Why Not?

We are sure that many people fell in love with vellum and are obsessed with this see-through paper because it can definitely be the main card, not just a company. It can be done with digital printing, UV printing (or thermography printing with an embossed look), and foil stamping. Sometimes, gold edging would make a big change to your whole wedding stationery style.

blushing blooms – burgundy, marsala, and blush floral UV printing wedding invitation on Vellum paper SWUV010

luxury modern custom foil wedding invitation suites on vellum paper SWFI003

via bysadierose

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