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Hi friends! I’ve been using my quarantine time very wisely over the last few months, and got a major head start on working on our wedding invitations! Since we are having a destination wedding, we want to make sure we allocate enough time for our guests to plan and make accommodations since the majority will be traveling about 8-10 hours. We just sent out our Save the Dates yesterday, (one year away from the wedding), and will be sending out our invites right after Christmas! (6 months before the wedding) Typically for normal weddings, it is recommended to send them out 2 months beforehand.

We ordered our invitations through Stylish Wedd, and I was so impressed with how they turned out and with the quality of the invitations. With Stylish Wedd you can design an entire suite of save the dates, menus, programs, place cards, and more to ensure you have a perfectly branded look.

What drew me into Stylish Wedd was the amount of options I had when choosing my stationary. They carry an arrangement of high-end invitations such as Vellum, Laser Cut, Foil, UV printed, Acrylic, and of course your normal invites if you don’t want to be too fancy. I’ve always dreamed of having Vellum wedding invitations, and Stylish Wedd made that possible and so affordable!

The first time I came across Stylish Wedd’s website, I was in shock by all the pretty, elegant, modern, traditional wedding invitations they offered. I never thought I would find something I loved so much, that I just couldn’t wait to have photographed.

The process ended up being an easier process than I had anticipated. You will first browse the site and choose which type of paper product you would like. Once you find the one, there will be an array of questions asking details such amount of cards you would like, wording, colors, fonts, etc. It’s okay if you don’t have your wording extremely organized and perfect in writing at first. Stylish Wedd will come back with an e-proof, and you can tell them what changes need to be made from there.

The company is based overseas, so their hours of communication range from 9pm-5am. I was always able to email back and forth with them each day from 9pm until the time I went to bed which was nice and convenient for me. The process of creating our custom invites took about 5-6 business days until I had an e-proof I was happy with.


Your wedding invitations don’t just provide guests with the time and date of the event, but also set the tone, theme, and overall vibe of the day. Knowing what kind of wedding you’re going to have, you want to make sure your invites reflect that as well, otherwise, it might seem a little misleading.

Our wedding theme is combined by 2 overall themes: An elegant enchanted garden on the beach. We are going for a semi-formal vibe on the sand, and I think our invites reflect that quite well. They combine the seafoam color green, the elegant vellum, and the eucalyptus floral piece of the garden.

A few tips to also keep in mind:

  • Count the number you need by household
  • Order 10 extra (just in case, plus keep one for yourself)
  • Don’t forget to include a stamp for your reply cards
  • Consider the size of envelopes to keep postage cost down
  • Don’t crowd the invite with too much wording. It will look messy
  • Make sure the invite also reflects your colors
  • Make sure the invite matches all of your other paper products
  • Don’t forget to include your vendors on your guest list to send to!

If you are looking for gorgeous, high-end invitations that won’t break the bank, please do yourself a favor and check out Stylish Wedd. From free printed envelopes, fully custom invitations, printed invitation samples, free shipping, and various printing methods, Stylish Wedd has it all!

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