Top 10 Chic Rustic Wedding Ideas for Fall and Winter Wedding

Let’s talk about rustic weddings which got it trend over the past few years. Rustic weddings have more of a relaxed vibe to the day, this means you do not necessarily use staples like carrel, lace, and mason jar in your rustic wedding. Modern rustic weddings have a neutral and chic feel to them which have elements of nature and the outdoors, even indoor which works perfectly with a fall and winter color palette. Inspired by wood, greenery, and minimalism it will help tie in with the season but give a fresh take on the rustic trend.

This blog post including a few great rustic wedding inspirations and matching wedding invitations from Stylish Wedd is for couples who like rustic but would like to play something unique.


Wooden Guest Book/Seating Chart



Wooden wedding design is always perfect for rustic weddings. Unlike the traditional guest book that gets filed away and forgotten, this high-quality piece is intended to be displayed on a wall in your home for constant encouragement. This guest book sign will be something to treasure and admire by all who enter your home for years to come! Cut, sanded, stained, and painted in your choice of color, it truly will make a one-of-a-kind piece that will be a wonderful memory of your special day and all those who shared it with you!


Modern Eucalyptus Wood Neutral Wedding Centerpiece/Decor


Decorating made simple, start your tablescapes with a garland and simply add florals, or add a garland to your headboard or cupboards.


Modern Rustic Wedding Invitations with Vellum Wrap

rustic vellum wedding invitation SWPI101

Like the cheeks of a blushing bride or a rich and fine wine, this invitation will be talked about by your family for years yet to come. With a beautiful rustic craft paper backer, plain vellum jacket, and matching RSVP card and belly band.


Ivory Lave Long Sleeves Sheath Bridal Dress



Chic Moody Floral Vellum Wedding Invitations

moody dark floral wedding invitation SWPI117

This floral invite combines moody flowers with a muted tone. Be sure to share that special moment with your family and friends using an eye-catching wedding invitation like this one.


Vintage Burgundy Wedding Bouquet



Canvas Wedding Sign & Metal Suitcase



Rustic Mason Jar and Stringlight Wedding Invitations

rustic mason jar and stringlight wedding invitation SWPI026

The rustic wedding invitations of your dreams are just a few clicks away. No doubt you can find the perfect match for your unique wedding personality.




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