Top 30 Wedding Cakes Ideas 2021 to Inspire You

Choosing a wedding cake is such an exciting part of the wedding planning process. A beautiful wedding cake can be a real focal point at your wedding reception, adding to your wedding theme and really making a statement.  And it’s not just appreciating (and eating) the finished product that’ll bring you joy. Gathering inspiration for your wedding cake is so much fun, too.   Scroll through these drool worthy wedding cakes that are sure to WOW ! AND we will show you matched wedding invitations to make your big day more bright~~


1. Floral Wedding Cakes

elegant wedding cakes ideas with blush flowers

Via fabmood

pretty blush floral cakes ideas for spring wedding burgundy flroal wedding cakes with monogram cake topper

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romantic pink floral layered wedding invitations    pink and purple floral wedding invitation with vellum paper and belly band   elegant navy blue and blush pink floral vellum jacket wedding invitations

2.Simple Greenery Wedding Cakes

From the elegant wedding topper to greenery leaf, there is so much to love about this wedding cake.

simple green wedding cake

Via stylemepretty

glamorous greenery wedding with white and green cake decor

Via evefloralco

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elegant greenery botanical monogram vellum jacket wedding invite with initial wax seal  vellum jacket wedding invitation set with printed eucalyptus greenery and rope  green botanical vellum wedding invitation with UV printing


3.Rustic Semi-Naked Wedding Cakes

rustic semi-naked wedding cake rustic semi-naked wedding cake ideas

Via fabmood

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rustic wood stringlight burgundy floral mason jar wedding invites elegant floral laser cut invitation with matching pink floral inner paper and glittery backer fall rustic floral vellum jacket wedding invitation with craft paper backer

4.Pearl Wedding Cake  

blush pearl wedding cake ideas

romantic ivory pearl wedding cake pearl wedding cake with burgundy floral for elegant wedding

5.Berry & Chocolate Drip Wedding Cake

berry chocolate drip wedding cake ideas

6.Chocolate Brownie Wedding Cake

chocolate brownie wedding cake

Via Damian Brandon Photography

7.Doughnut Stack Wedding Cake

doughnut stack wedding cake ideas

Via Enchanted Wedding Photography

8.Abstract Paint Smudge Wedding Cake

blush floral paint smudge wedding cake

chic blue and blush paint smudge wedding cake

Via fabmood


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