Top 9 Spring Wedding Color Palettes Ideas for 2023 Trend

Spring comes with romance, freshness, and warmth. The climate and the beautiful gifts of nature make this a perfect season for weddings. So you must be looking for unique wedding planning inspiration, then the color palette of the whole wedding must be your first consideration.

Cool and deep palettes are for winter, bright and vibrant for summer, but what about spring? If it’s early spring, you can blend in with the winter palettes to reflect the changing seasons, if it’s the middle of spring, you can go for some classic colors, and if your wedding is on the edge of summer, you can add playful summer colors to a softer base to blend the two seasons.

In short, we hope to provide you with the freshest, most perfect and creative spring color inspiration, This list of 2023’s spring wedding color trends will definitely help you choose the color you like as soon as you finish reading!

♥ Early Spring ♥ 


As spring approaches, we hope to be able to combine pastel tones with the hustle and bustle of winter. Denim Blue and white décor can create an elegant and divine wedding for you.

Denim Blue and white wedding

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If you want a dreamy wedding, you must not miss this palette: very peri and purple, this is a special and beautiful color combination that will make your wedding unique.

very peri and purple wedding

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The classic white and champagne colors in early spring are of course recommended. The soft and minimalist tones have a touch of coolness, which can create a luxurious wedding for you.

classic white and champagne wedding

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♥ Midspring ♥ 


If your wedding is just entering the spring whirlwind, choose spring sophisticated and classic colors. For example, you can choose Pirouette and blush, so you can definitely have a romantic wedding.

Pirouette and blush wedding

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We look for color matching inspiration from nature, you can try to use sea glass and green as the main color of the wedding. This is the color of spring, full of freshness and vitality.

sea glass and green wedding

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We hope to innovate on the classic colors and provide you with the latest inspiration. Tranquil blue is a very beautiful color. It can create a stylish wedding with simple white.

Tranquil blue and white wedding

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♥ Late Spring ♥ 


If your wedding is at the end of spring, you can choose some playful and lively colors, imagine lava fall and orange with white flowers, it is a collision of romance, fiery and vitality, it is so wonderful!

lava fall and orange wedding

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If you want a high-end and luxurious wedding, you can refer to this color palette, verdigris green and black, which combines new popular colors and classic green, which will bring you different inspirations.

verdigris green and black wedding

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Yello and blue, this is actually a classic color combination, not innovative, but it is too beautiful and very suitable for this season, so I must recommend it to you.

yellow and blue wedding

Via esty/kristaesterling

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